Islands, in a dream
There is a sea and a mountain on that sea
And fire in that mountain and water in that fire
And a branch in that water and on that branch
A bird and the wings on that bird
Sun, don’t wake me up.

Jure Kaštelan

Goran Gizdavčić lives in Omiš. He has a degree in economics. He has been engaged in photographing for many years.

Since 2000, he has been organizing solo exhibitions (in Omiš, Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Maribor). Starting from 2002, he has also been publishing articles, accompanied by his photographs, on nature and cultural and historical heritage of Croatia.

Furthermore, he creates his greeting cards, postcards and photo magnets, being a part of his project called "Once Upon a Time in Dalmatia" by means of which he wants to draw attention to the preservation and protection of the natural and historical values of Croatia and Dalmatia.
Author’s address:

Goran Gizdavčić
Trg Ivana Raosa 1
HR21310 Omiš, Croatia

tel: +385 (0)21 861 347
gms: +385 (0)98 1681 402