When you first come to Omiš, an ancient town anchored between the river, steep slopes of the mountain and the sea, as a pearl in a shell, you cannot but think: "This is the place I've been searching for all my life."

Sun-bathing on sand and pebble beaches by the sea and in the canyon of the river Cetina, in lush green paradise, praised in verses of Jure Kaštelan, popular and famous Croatian poet. Canoing down the river rapids, free climbing high rocks above the town, mountaineering and sightseeing the historic remains from the Roman period; All that and many more to be enjoyed in one place alone. This landscape of unique beauty offers itself freely to a photographer to be eternalised.
Come to visit us in summer, July, when local people live in the expectation of the famous Festival of Dalmatian folk-songs, or in August, the month of theatrical events, concerts and art exhibitions.

Or perhaps in winter, to experience the real relaxation in miles-long walks along the seaside, in mild air and radiant sunsets shedding golden rays over the stone planes, the roofs and the church-towers of this medieval town.