The cat named Tom or the so-called ''Tomcat'' survived seven and a half years of street fights with members of his species and, unfortunately, of human species as well.

In his apartment (base camp) in a residential building, from which he went to his walks and adventures, he enjoyed full support, love and care from the members of the core and extended Gizdavčić family. Unfortunately, he died of disease.
The old woman on the photo is an extraordinary person who will celebrate her 90th birthday in May 2010. She lives in Kučiće, a village about 10 km far from the town of Omiš, in the mountain region, on the slopes of the Cetina River Canyon. She is a mother of nine children, all of whom are alive and have their own families and children. One son and daughter have been living in the United States for many years.

She has remained in her native village and nowadays she lives with her son Vinko and his family. She is still very active in performing tasks around the house and in taking care of domestic animals. She remembers well the old days when she was young. As a girl and young mother she used to descend numerous times into the canyon to the river to fill a wooden water barrel, the so-called "vučija" (see the photo), with as much as 50 l of water, and to carry it upwards back home.

But, the thing that immediately caught my attention as photographer was an unusual contrast between her black clothes which she has been wearing since her husband's death and the sneakers. Her son Vinko bought her the sneakers in a local shoe store a few years ago. This more or less true copy of one of the old All Stars Converse sneakers model, fit perfectly on aunt Ane's feet. They fit her so much that she does not take them off either in the summer or winter months. She puts her leather shoes on only when visiting the local church.

The boy on the photo also lives in the village of Kučiće and he is a great-grandson of aunt Ane. He is very fond of animals and gets attached to them. He knows well every new lamb or kid in the barn owned by his parents and gets fond of them. He is often sad when he finds out that one of them is missing.

When shooting this photo he did not allow his little sister and brother to join him.

A wedding ceremony in Stare Jesenice (an abandoned village near Omiš) on Easter 1998.
According to the old wedding custom, the bride on the photo had to throw an apple over the roof of the parents' house of her husband to be. The 1st throw was not successful as the apple rebounded from the roof and fell directly on the camera of the author of this photo, who was in that moment in front of the house door shooting the scene.

For some years now,Tomislav Raboteg has have a donkey named Mrka, a very clever and nice animal. She is of priceless value to him when he must descend from the top of the canyon, where his home is, to the Cetina river to gather firewood.

The return to the top is always hard for the animal packed with a heavy load, but Mrka has never failed him and she has always carried the load to the top. Although it is said that donkeys tend to be very stubborn and simply stop and come to a standstill, Mrka has never done that. Tomislav respects her efforts and lets her set the pace uphill. Mrka is often rewarded in the morning with her favourite food – a meal made of cereal grain, bread, turnip, pumpkin or flour.

I noticed Mrs Mileva Bilić Bumbak one Saturday morning in November 2010 on the waterfront promenade of Trogir. She caught my attention because of her markedly upright and graceful posture of the body and the way she leaned on her walking stick while sitting on the bench.

When I asked her to pose, she gladly agreed. I was surprised when she told me that she was 100 years old and that she was the oldest woman in Trogir and its vicinity. She is still vital, cheerful, communicative and loyal to the most popular promenade of her native town.

I met Keti and Dinko Bodlović in August 2011 in Bol on the Island of Brač. While I was strolling along the waterfront I noticed this picturesque couple sitting on the old wooden stools in front of their house very close to Bol's promenade.

94-year-old Dinko and 85-year-old Keti celebrated their golden wedding anniversary long ago. Vital and mostly healthy, they praise each other. Before getting pensioned, Dinko was a well-known tailor on the Island of Brač and Keti was his apprentice who, according to her words, received no wage for that. She was his wife and that was sufficient for her.